Since the initial publication of Free as in Freedom, I've received a few inquiries about translated versions of the book. O'Reilly is currently negotiating with a number of European publishing houses about licensing "official" translations, but the GFDL allows any reader to make and publish a translated version with or without the approval of O'Reilly or even myself.

Personally, I would like to see the book, or at the very least its text, translated into as many languages as possible. I realize this might take a little money out of my pocket in terms of licensing income, but as long as it doesn't cause me any stress, I think translations are an excellent way for online readers to reimburse the FAIFzilla project. My policy will be to link to all good faith online translations of Free as in Freedom on the home page of the site. I'd prefer that versions be in an easily accesible format such as browser-agnostic HTML, but beggars can't be choosers. I will modify my linking policy when I have too many translated versions to post.

If you have taken it upon yourself to translate the book, please send me a copy of the URL, so I can start the list.

To minimize overlapping effort, I am proving a list of ongoing translation projects by language. If you know of any other translation efforts, please let me know. I will add them to the list. If no project exists in your favorite language and you would like to start one, let me know. I will post your name and contact information on this page to facilitate the process.

Special thanks to Geert Poels for suggesting this page.

  • Catalan

    Oscar del Pozo Triscon, a member of the Barcelona-based Softcatala says his organization is translating Free as in Freedom into Catalan. Softcatala's past translation credits include Mozilla, OpenOffice and Gnome. In addition to Catalan, Oscar says he can help "localize" any Spanish language version of Free as in Freedom or FAIFzilla for the European Spanish market. You can reach him at

  • Chinese (Traditional)

    O'Reilly Taiwan is currently working on a traditional Chinese translation of the book. The primary contact for this project is Isabel Hou . According to Autrijus Tang, one of the project participants, they also have a BBS at telnet:// Translated chapters will be offered on O'Reilly Taiwan's web site.

  • French

    Valery Baud has translated the introduction and first chapter of Free as in Freedom. You can access both via his website. Sebastien Blondeel and Jerome Arnaud are also willing to work on French translations.

  • Italian

    Bernardo Parrella's Italian language version of Free as in Freedom, titled Codice Libero: Free as in Freedom has been published by Apogeo of Milan. The cover price is 14 euro, and you can buy it online.

    Bernardo informs me that there is also a free online version similar to the one posted by O'Reilly. The link takes you deep into Apogeo site. If it comes up stale, please let me know. I'll fix it.

  • Japanese

    Toshiro Yagi reports that he and some collaborators are in the process of translating Free as in Freedom into Japanese. Anyone wishing to help out can visit the project at:

  • Russian

    Maksim Otstavnov, contributing editor at Infobusiness weekly, and Marina Oborina have translated Chapters One, Two and Six of the book. They welcome any volunteers willing to help translate the remaining chapters. If you would like to help, contact Maksim at

  • Spanish

    Mauricio Rivera of COLIBRI (Comunidad de Interesados en el Software Libre en Colombia) reports that he and his group are working on a Spanish language translation of the book. To find out more about this project or the group, visit the COLIBRI site at

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